There is no Monday Morning

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How many times have you justified a poor food choice by saying, “Diet starts Monday morning!”?

That thinking suggests that the choice you’re making now doesn’t “count” because you’re going to make a much better choice on Monday, which will cancel out your current poor choice.

Well, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the time-space continuum simply doesn’t work that way.

The way the time-space continuum works is this – Monday morning doesn’t exist.

No, really, it doesn’t.

The future doesn’t exist.

The only thing that exists is right now…
…the present moment.

The past doesn’t exist – things can’t happen in the past.

And the future doesn’t exist – things can’t happen in the future.

We may have memories of the past or intentions for the future, but the present moment is the only place in time or space where anything can actually happen.

Now, if you’ve followed me at all, you know I’m never one to say that you should deny yourself the enjoyment of food.

Food is beautiful and wonderful and can offer great enjoyment and pleasure. I love food.

And, if every now and then you choose to partake of some food that may be overindulgent for what your body really needs because it brings you real joy in other ways, by all means, go for it. Generally speaking, your body can handle it.

But make that choice for today, for right now, because you’ve tuned in and decided that it’s the best choice for you.

Not because you’re going to fix it all on Monday morning.

What I hear from a lot of people out there is a continuous pattern of using situations like eating out or work events or even just the weekend as a constant excuse to use food for the wrong reasons and fill their bodies with processed, low-vibration, nutrient-poor foods and using the “Monday morning” excuse to justify it.

“I’m going to be so good starting Monday morning that what I’m doing now won’t matter.”

But there is no Monday morning. There is only right now. And the choice you make right now matters.

The choice you make right now will have a real, tangible impact on your body, mind and soul.

And you can’t prevent that by promising that you’ll make a different choice on Monday.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Your life is the result of the choices you make.” But since the future doesn’t exist, the ONLY place you can EVER make a choice is right here and now.

The choice you make right now matters.

Stop pretending that it doesn’t.

Make good choices. Today.

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