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Stephanie came into my life at a pivotal time. I was reinventing myself after a very successful corporate career and a 7 year side hustle into full-time entrepreneurship. And even though I am a business coach (aka: business strategist) myself, I am a HUGE believer that a coach needs a coach. I decided to take an entrepreneurial sabbatical in Miami for 3 days–just me sans family to work “on my business” vs. “in my business”. The first day I got there I decided to hire Stephanie for a VIP day to ensure my strategy was on point and to learn from all the things she has experienced that would benefit my goals at that time. I learned that Stephanie is a hands on type of coach. She is very passionate at what she does, open and honest about her path and what she has learned, and is willing to go the extra mile for her clients. I have not only got to experience Stephanie’s coaching 1:1, I have also been blessed to be able to leverage her team of amazing designers / developers who have helped my brand vision come to life. That is no small feat (as I had a pretty in-depth vision). Her team is amazing at what they do—and Stephanie’s direction has a lot to do with ensuring my vision in my head came to fruition in their design and functionality. I am a big believer that people come into you life for a reason, and Stephanie came in mine at the right time and I will be forever grateful. From one coach to another–thank you so much Steph!

~ Seema Alexander
Powerhouse Business Coach and CMO, MorLeaf

Super Celebration Super Grateful! Since taking this course, (which I still have to get through many of the modules) to shift my niche over from dating/relationship coaching to business coaching, I’ve signed up at least $6,271 in client sales just in the past few weeks!! I’m still waiting for 1 more confirmation as well..making it well over $7,000 whenI get the confirmation!!

~ Nicole Abundance

Can I just tell you how very much I absolutely love you and the sense of cool, collected confidence that you manage to scream in every aspect of yourself, your marketing and your program! Every time I get an email from you or get on a webinar like last night’s (BTW, abso-freaking-lutely AMAZING!!) I feel so pumped and ready to take on my day! Thank you again for being amazingly you!!!

~ Erin Moseley Westrich

Woooooooop!!! Just signed another client after implementing what I learned in Britt Bee’s hot seat last week!!! Soo excited!!! Thanks again Stephanie Nickolich

~ Lilli Badcock

My biggest holy shift is, I really am worth the price; my experience and education do count for something AND I am doing what I love and that is ok to ask for help. I also, really love the millionista group, not just saying that to kiss ass, but really the sense of community has made working at home not so lonely. The sense of support, help and community has been overwhelming. I am constantly learning from this group of talented women! #feelingemotional #verygreatful

~ Dawn Sinkule

WOW…Just got off the phone with Stephanie for a Deep Dive Millionista Session! She is awesome, I highly recommend you book one of these sessions ASAP.
Stephanie shared some great suggestions and sparked some new creative taglines and branding ideas for my business. Thanks so much!

~ Kerry Sheppard
Georgetown, TX

Had a quick call with Stephanie Nickolich that seriously got my creative juices flowing! I really feel like a sweet, Georgia Peachnow! Ahhhhhhhhh! Let the juices floooooowwwwwww!

~ Kandis
Atlanta, Georgia

Working with Stephanie, I was able to connect the dots and figure out some great ideas on how to build a successful business. I recently landed 2 NEW jobs and started my own business on the side. Thanks to Stephanie, I was able to collect my ideas and build off of the ones that she gave me. I am so thankful!

~ Chrissy Gratz
Miami, FL

Have you met Stephanie Nickolich? Well, I have! I spent an hour with this lady today and she led me right to a 6 figure plan. IN AN HOUR! She is a POWERhouse and i am glad to be a part of the #SuccessSociety! She is really more than a coach. She truly #StyleYourSuccess right before your eyes! She is a #MustKnow

~ Nichole Hawkins
Baltimore, MD

So excited from my time with Stephanie that I had to give a big shout out to her for helping “Set me Straight” on the value of my coaching packages!
She gave me specific strategies that will allow me to help my clients on a more powerful and focused level. The BIG breakthrough was when she picked up on a limiting belief I didn’t realize I had!!! Stephanie helped me clearly see how my thinking was flawed! She completely inspired me!

~ Trish Walker
South Carolina

I want to say a big thank you to Stephanie Nickolich she gave me such great advice. She told me things that i cant start right away that i had never thought of before … a real aha moment. Her energy was amasing and she truly made me believe that anything is possible. If you are looking for a mentor I would contact her ASAP.
I truly can’t thank Stephanie enoguh.

~ Grace Vasquez
Las Vegas, NV

Thank you Stephanie for being WONDERFUL! You ROCK! I’m ready to be the new ME!

~ Christina Maddalena Fortunado
Long Island, NY