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Styling her life one blog post at a time, Annie Vazquez is a Miami Fashion Blogger behind The Fashion Poet and our 4th Style Your Life honoree. Vazquez has been featured on Vogue Brasil, TODAY Show, Marie Claire, Elle Magazine, Nylon Magazine, Paper, The New York Times, Life.com and Refinery 29. Annie, a regular at New York Fashion Week, has also contributed her fashion reports to IMG’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week site where she was also a spokesperson, NBC, The Miami Herald, AOL, Stylist, Ocean Drive, The New Times , WSVN and Miami.com.

She has co hosted events with glossies like Marie Claire and has been a pioneer in Miami’s Fashion Blogging community from producing an award winning documentarty called Blogging: Behind the Seams to creating the first Fashion Blogger’s Night Out in Miami, co creating the first ever-networking event called Fashion Blogger’s Do It Better, co-founding a Swim Week lounge called Escape Miami and a charity campaign called Fashion for a Cause to raise money for breast cancer. She was asked by Google to form a network for bloggers called Miami Fashion Blogger’s Official Google Plus page and most recently was voted Miami Fashion Blogger of 2013 in the Miami New Times web awards. The Miami native is an expert when it comes unearthing new designers and labels in her hometown as well as spotting style trends around the world.

Annie Vazquez

Tell us a bit about your background, both work and education. How did you come to find your true passion? 

AV: I always liked writing and fashion so I took both and made a career out of it. I wrote for different for publications like The Miami Herald, AOL, NBC, Ocean Drive and more before I transitioned into blogging full-time and found that I could be my own boss.

After reading about what it means to us to #StyleYourLife, how do you style your life? How do you customize it and make your life for you?

AV: I love what I do for a living so my job tends to spill into my leisure time but I have found that you have to really make time for others in order to live a successful balanced life. This includes spending time with family, friends and doing charity work.

Can you tell us a bit about what’s in store for your future? 

AV: The future involves growing my brand with more products that tap into my culture. My “Lil Miss Miami” collection has really opened a new door for me.

Do you have any tips/tricks to share with aspiring women in business and fellow female leaders? 

AV: Surround yourself with people you admire so that you are always inspired to be a better version of yourself and believe in the dream. It takes years to make something happen just when you feel like your losing hope push yourself even further.

What does it mean to be happy, to you? Can you share 5 tips to happiness?


PHOTOS: By Alejandro Fernandez
PHOTOS: By Alejandro Fernandez

1. Happiness means run around and playing with my niece and nephew. The remind me to be playful and not take life seriously.

2. Happiness is expressing gratitude for everyday. When you give thanks you realize more things sprout in life to be thankful for.

3. Happiness is exercising. It release toxins and helps you clear your mind and stay focused. Go to the gym or a walk.

4. Happiness is playing with my dog. It helps me de-stress. Animals are known for being natural healers.

5. Happiness is paying someone a compliment. Making others feel better makes me feel good.

How would you advise other women to take control of their careers and customize their lives in all aspects?

AV: Create a schedule and stick to it.

Tell us what inspired you to create your career. What is your purpose behind your brand, The Fashion Poet?

AV: I wanted to create an outlet that paid homage to Miami and it’s ever growing style scene from a born an bred local’s perspective and the many landmarks, neighborhoods and spots that make this city while adding a touch of journalism.



You can also find Annie of The Fashion Poet in the November issue of Pretty Living Magazine.

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