Sophisticated CEO’s on the reign

Empire Building
Stephanie Nickolich is a motivational mentor, and professional speaker. Her mission, passion, and purpose is helping women clear the mental clutter, step into their confidence and create an action plan for massive success in all areas of their lives. She is known as the Millionista Mentor, helping her clients transform ordinary ideas into extraordinary outcomes.
Heather Prestanski
Online Marketing
Heather is CEO & Founder of Business Refresh. She teaches super passionate entrepreneurs who feel lost in the digital space how to fall back in love with their business and make more money. As an expert in digital marketing (from websites to search engines to social media), Heather has built both six and seven figure businesses both in under a year using her proven 26-step Sustainable Business System. She helps struggling and pro entrepreneurs Refresh their business and implement the rapid fire (and ever confusing) changes of today’s digital world and helps them reach the clients that they never thought possible.
Sally Mercedes is founder of Unmuted Expression, a movement inspiring and supporting your full, confident, authentic expression in every area of your life. As part of her work, she helps creative entrepreneurs make magic happen in their biz by reclaiming the power of their voice, crafting a message all their own, and creating sexy, sparkly copy magnetizing their ideal clients and collaborators, all with ease, grace, love, and a dose of IDGAF. Sally is committed to your visibility, your mission, intuitive insight, and infusing all things with pleasure and fun.
Jennifer Longmore, Forensic Investigator turned North America’s Soul Purpose Expert, is the internationally acclaimed host of “Soul Purpose Central,” 3-time best selling author, and creator of the popular Spiritual Leadership and Legacy Program and Heal Your Money Story Intensive. For over 15 years she has been helping people remember who they really are through over 30, 000 soul purpose sessions, including the who’s-who of actors, professional athletes, CEO’s of leading companies, and other influential luminaries. To learn more about Jennifer, visit
Minling Chuang is a geek about all things branding. Good thing too because as a brand strategist and coach, she works with female entrepreneurs who are ready to create eye-popping ‘It’ brands that turn heads. Her passion is to help you uncover your unique message so you can rapidly build a list of raving fan eager to buy along the way. Because getting clear on your unique message as well as a your strategic position in the marketspace is the key to transforming your brand from ‘Eh’ to ‘Oh Wow!”
Snowe Saxman is a Master Business Consultant, Wealth Management Expert & Coach. She helps women create profitable 6 figure+ businesses working SMART, not hard so that they can have it all; more money, more choices & more time with their families! What makes Snowe unique is that her signature programs also teach you how to manage & multiply your money so that you can take your business & life to the next level!
Sara Best is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and self-care guru. She helps women tackle the negative and frustrating patterns and blocks around food and self-worth that keep them stuck so they’re able to unlock and unleash their full potential and truly start fueling their greatness – in business and in life. Her coaching programs combine the principles of nutrient-dense, “high-vibration” foods with the self-care practices of mindfulness, visualization, gratitude and boundary-setting. You already know that the more you invest in your own self-care and mindset, the more you’re able to give to your business and your clients. Learn more about Sara at
Blair Critch
Network Marketing
Blair is a Network Marketing Professional, mom of 2 boys, wife, and CEO of her own network marketing business with Le-Vel. She has a passion for helping others live the life they deserve. She is full of passion and desire to help others to see the potential they have within them to be a success at a home based business. She has built 2 successful Network Marketing businesses and is currently building a business with Le-Vel that has brought her and so many others financial freedom and time freedom. Her team has sold well over 4 million dollars.