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4 Ways to Get Small Business Support

Running a business is hard work and even harder if you do it alone. I’ve discussed networking; joining groups/communities and getting a coach or business buddy, now let’s talk support and funding.

I’m no fan of loans, not one bit. You have to pay them back and there is always a possibility that things may not go as planned with your business. That’s the reality of it, unless you have a pretty awesome plan to keep you from going into debt, go for it. I myself will seek a few investors first.

Most marketing and advertising to potential customers is conducted online but still get out there and show your face.

Join your local Chamber of Commerce. Often there is a membership fee, but if you take advantage of all that they have to offer you’ll get that money back in no time. Your Chamber of Commerce will: 1) list you as someone to do business with in the area. 2) host events with other small business owners you can network with 3) offer seminars on a variety of business topics. Some facilities even have a meeting space which can be utilized for free. Perfect if you work from home and need to meet with clients in a different setting.

Apply for a grant. With most grants, you are not required to pay them back. Visit your local Small Business Administration office for help. If you decide to get a loan, they can connect you with lenders as well. They too offer free business seminars and business coaching. Start doing some “Google” research, you may find non-profit businesses who offer grants for women in a variety of fields.

Join a crowd-funding website. My favorites are KickStarter and Go Fund Me. You’d be amazed at how many people would be willing to support your business and even more so if it’s a great one. You’ll have to put some major thought into listing your business. Share your story, set an amount of money you need, tell why you need it, and what you’ll do with it. Don’t be shy.

Compete in competitions for cash prizes. Again, you will have to do some researching online for this one. I’m a graphic designer and I design stationery, is my favorite and their prizes are at least $600.00. Look for some that pertain to the field you’re in. When you win, you can also list these as achievements which is more reason for customers to come your way.

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