The Secret to How I Turned my $100K DEBT into a $78K Monthly Money-Drip

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Hi, I’m Stephanie Nickolich and I am a recovering buy-everything-under-the-sun-to-make-my-business-work-for-me-ologist.

Turns out getting $100,000 dollars into debt, really isn’t that hard when you have a few credit cards, a scarcity mentality and plenty of scavengers in the online coaching world ready to promise you the world (hint: if it sounds too good to be true, like no work and all play, it probably is).

The sad part is, if I could have used that money to invest in an elite coach FIRST, I would have made $100K a few times over already instead I had nothing to show but big fat feelings of failure.

Now, I want to clarify, that I had always been “good with money” (up until this point), always had a hefty savings account, independent from age 18 and there I was falling down a rabbit hole that seemingly had no bottom.

Everyone has their rock-bottom, coming to Jesus moment.
Mine was at 30 years old, not able to pay my rent, having to call it in to Mom for a life line.
Not a cute-look.

The crazy part is, I was also exhausted and had no energy to find a solution to my escalating business blackhole.

I was working 16 hour days, 7 days a week.
Attracting clients, who were sucking me dry of my will to live.
Doing every darn thing myself.
And quite frankly barely holding it together.

AND then…everything changed.

When I met my mentor it was like the clouds parted, and I saw my answer clear as day.


And that’s exactly what I did. At that point what was another $2000 a month when I was already $100,000 in debt? To me…not much, so I jumped in and the rest is her-story!

Now for the practical Millionista Tips that got me there:

I started by saying YES to every possible opportunity to make money. There would be plenty of time down the road to turn people down, but now all hands needed to be on deck. One of the first months back on track, I had scored 4 clients and made $23,981 cash. This helped me leverage my time and build my reputation with incredible results.

I stopped buying a gazillion different courses and products. I stuck with one mentor and that mentor’s support system. I needed 1 on 1 coaching because I couldn’t wait until tomorrow, I needed to see results and I needed to see them FAST.

I stopped listening to everybody else. I listened to myself, my mentor who was where I wanted to be and I got CRAZY focused on creating results. There is a lot of noise out there and a lot of opinions. The more you listen, the more distracted you will get. And don’t tell me it’s market research – if you want to know what your people want, just ask, everything else is a time suck.

I was building systems, strategies and funnels from the get-go, this was the only way to build the kind of income I wanted without burning myself out (a second time).
Every action I took was about making money, if it didn’t directly result in booking a client it went to the bottom of the to-do list.

I NEVER looked back, I didn’t dwell on the negative, my mindset was as tight as my budget and letting negative thoughts in was as dangerous as the debt itself. I made sure my calendar was booked up with Millionista sessions to give me the best possible chance at hitting the goals I had set for myself.

I kept INVESTING and my debt turned into my overhead, which, when you realistically run a business (depending on it’s size), you should expect to be spending between 10-20K monthly to see returns close to 100K monthly. #makenomistake #ittakesavillage

As you can see there was a lot that went into transforming my debt, but if I’m honest with you – it became my greatest motivator. Now, each time I look back, I see that “dark” time in my life further and further in the distance, but it’s always there to keep me on track in case I get too “comfortable” in my business.

Time to share up Girlfriends, what was/is your bottom and how does it keep you motivated?

It would have been great to have a Blueprint for all this stuff, like how to save myself from epic DEBT! Lucky for you lovebird – I created one with your name on it, so you could save yourself a mountain of grief and cash. My LIVE Millionista Money Making Crash Course to help you kickstart your business. Whether you are in debt, scared to leave your corporate gig, or just plain struggling. This training, if you implement it diligently, will start making you money immediately.

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