Roxana Scaffidi from FL-Accounting

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Meet Roxana, CEO and Founder of FL-Accounting

I was born in Peru, came to the USA at the age of 32, with a BA in Finances from the University of San Ignacio de Loyola and over 9 years of experience in administration and accounting.  With basic English and no experience in the USA, when I started to search for a job I realized quickly that they were looking for citizens with domestic education, so I needed to start from scratch.  In 1995, I started as an Administrative Assistant at a collectible car dealer.  One of the owners offered me a job as Office Manager/Full Charge Bookkeeper at a Cosmetic Surgery Center.  I worked there for 5 years.  My next job, in 2001 was as an Accountant at Laub Group of Florida, an Insurance Agent Representative from AXA Property and Casualty Insurance Division.  I loved working for this company but unfortunately AXA closed this division in 2005.   The same company that hired me recommended me to their client, Paradise Press Inc and I started as comptroller where I oversaw the publishing of children books, a company with 6 million dollars in annual sales. After my most recent corporate position at Quest Optical closed it’s doors in 2012, I made the decision to start FL-Accounting. Happily married and my daughter on her own, I was ready to bring my vision to life by offering accounting and bookkeeping services to small and mid-sized companies.  As you can see, I have had this passion since youth and I am now fulfilling my vision and dreams.

What does #StyleYourLife mean to you, how do you style your life? How do you customize it and make your life for you?

For me Style Your Life is to being REAL, honest, committed, holding high values and integrity, staying true to yourself, loving what you do, having passion, being happy in your own skin and in your business, having a support system of family, employees and friends, always being open to learn and listening to new ideas, and interacting with people you love and trust for guidance and advice.

Can you tell us a bit about what’s in store for your future?

FL Accounting is in the process of growing! We’re adding CPAs, bookkeepers, administrative assistants and our business is  prospering with high goals and values.

Do you have any tips/tricks to share with aspiring women in business and fellow female leaders?

Know when it is your time to shine and be committed to your vision.  Be organized and offer your knowledge. Do not promise something that is out of your hands and be honest and real.  Never take NO for an answer.  Always be open to learning more, so that you are prepared for anything that comes your way.  Have passion for what you do. Don’t be afraid to hire help when it is time, even though financially you are not ready.  It is better to step back to move 10 times forward.  Respect your employees and listen to them. Team work is the key of success.

What does it mean to be happy, to you? Can you share 5 tips to happiness?

Happy to me means loving myself as well as loving others.  I learned this the hard way.  I learned to love myself and then love and happiness came to me.  Go with your gut and accept what you cannot change.  Be passionate about anything you do in business and find the balance in your life.  For me, the most important part of happiness is my family.

How would you advise other women to take control of their careers and customize their lives in all aspects?

Have a plan, a vision, and have realistic goals, work very hard for your money and always know that the most important thing on earth is YOU… your name, your reputation, be very careful on what you offer and what you promise.  Be real and honest at every level of business.  As an owner, be careful with your employees, respect to be respected.

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