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Author : Taylor Manning

I am a twenty year old business owner.

How’d I do it? A lot of hard work.

My whole life I was told I should be a doctor (good money).

I was always motivated, getting near perfect grades, getting myself ready for school since kindergarten and never once having to be told do my homework or a chore. I wasn’t allowed to use scissors myself almost all the way through elementary school because I always cut crooked and didn’t hold them right. But I’d go home and decorate my entire room in hand cut, paper snowflakes. In fourth grade, I learned HTML and used Paint to design pictures of horses for a game I played called HorseLand.

Nobody ever recognized my artistic talent, because I was just developing and learning it, it didn’t seem to come naturally. I graduated high school with my AA degree from the community college at 17.

I graduated college with a double bachelors in Journalism and Advertising at 19.

People were so worried that I hadn’t filled out a single job or grad school application but I wanted to start my own business! I had freelanced through college and interned at a coworking space as the head blogger so I was confident in the transition.

Now, in five months, I have quadrupled my income, am making no less (probably more!) than all of my friends I graduated with, loving life as my own boss and feeling inspired and creative every single day.

The best part though is finally being recognized for my artist talent. I worked so hard to get to where I am that now I am simply living the adventure my life has become.
You can find me all the time on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest at @taylormcreative and on my blog at taylormanningcreative.com

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