Hi Y’all I’m Stephanie Nickolich,
founder of Success Society and
World Class Millionista Mentor.

So who am I and how did I end up here?

Well…So much of me is still that small town girl that grew up in Saugerties, New York but I’ve grown up a bit along the way….I’ve become a badass business woman that thrives on helping other women overcome overwhelm, clear the mental clutter, rediscover their true passion and purpose and build badass businesses that they love! (hence the name Millionista Mentor)

For starters, Success Society was born out of my own personal need for affordable resources and tools when building my first company, Accessory Fanatic. To be honest, I struggled significantly in my first year of business. I struggled with overwhelm, anxiety, self-doubt, fear, and I was downright exhausted. After my first year in business, I was resenting my choice to become a female entrepreneur. WOW…not exactly the moment you want to experience when taking the jump into starting, running, and growing a company.

So What Was the Tipping Point?

I invested in myself! I hired the best coaches, mentors and consultants that had the mindset and the money game that I wanted and you know what else….I did the work. I was accountable, I showed up, I was dedicated, I did the work and the results we’re astonishing. My life and my business started to change significantly. I got super organized, I was no longer the bottle neck in my own system. I got laser focused. I hired a team (yes a team). I got out of my own way! I myself became accountable. I got extremely uncomfortable, I stretched my limits, and I gave birth to the idea of Success Society.

So what exactly does all that mean…

In all honesty, I’m a badass…yup, I said it…why hold back? I help women overcome fear, anxiety, self-doubt, and mental clutter, coming out on the other end with a kick ass creative strategy for success. That being said, I’m a beast when it comes to creative strategy…Are you stuck on an idea and don’t know how to implement, yea….I’ve got your back!

So, if you are truly ready to kick ass and take names in life and business then I encourage you to reach out.

If you want to keep doing what you’ve been doing then I’ll tell you in advance that we’re not a good fit because I don’t make or take excuses.

So back to those action takers….what’s next?

I encourage you to jump on over and check out the ways in which I help my clients and choose the one that best fits your need!

Remember that we only get one chance to do this thing called life….I say why not love every minute of it?

I mean let’s get real, why struggle when you can succeed.

Don’t believe what I say….
see what my clients are saying….

Super Celebration Super Grateful! Since taking this course, (which I still have to get through many of the modules) to shift my niche over from dating/relationship coaching to business coaching, I’ve signed up at least $6,271 in client sales just in the past few weeks!! I’m still waiting for 1 more confirmation as well..making it well over $7,000 whenI get the confirmation!!

~ Nichole Abundance

Can I just tell you how very much I absolutely love you and the sense of cool, collected confidence that you manage to scream in every aspect of yourself, your marketing and your program! Every time I get an email from you or get on a webinar like last night’s (BTW, abso-freaking-lutely AMAZING!!) I feel so pumped and ready to take on my day! Thank you again for being amazingly you!!!

~ Erin Moseley Westrich

If you’re ready to kick ass and take names in life and business, then lets get started!

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