Living With Love

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Author: Levita Galinsky

“How to live with love each day”

Love is in the air folks! Correction; love is ALWAYS in the air, as Valentine’s Day is clarifying that very fact. As a society, love may seem highly idealistic, yet in reality, love is all that we truly have. The choice is ours to accept it on a daily basis and to live with that mindset in a consistent manner. That being said, hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! To help you understand love in a better light, here are some simple and cohesive tips:

Look within yourself for clarity

So often we look out in the external world to make us happy. Whether that is money, fame, or popularity, these things will never truly make one happy. Therefore, if you are not happy with yourself, with who you are, and with what you are offering to this wonderful world around you, then you will never be able to live with love. So take some time to go on an inward journey to discover yourself, your heart, your soul. This is the first step to being able to live with love, once you begin to fully love yourself as a human being.

Love yourself each day

It seems like such a cliché, but the fact of the matter is by loving yourself the right way, all of the right doors of life will open for you. So how do you really love yourself? Well, first off, always respect yourself. That means never letting others love you less than you love yourself. Care for yourself. Give yourself 8 hours to sleep each night, eat healthy foods, and spend time in nature when you get a chance. Make yourself a priority in that way, and you will end up living with love each day. In addition, there is immense power in being a truly content soul, in being so confident with yourself that you are able to be relaxed, with a gentle heart. Learn to accept everything in a way that does not affect your peace and authenticity. This is the only way you will ever live life with love each day, to fully recognize the power of everlasting joy.

Do not let other people control/manipulate you

Living a genuinely loving life means standing up for your truth each day. Never let other people try to manipulate you into living the way they want you to. This quote resonates very well with that whole idea: “Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye”-H. Jackson Brown. Look inside your heart and be strong to realize when people want to break us down to fit their own mold. So many times we let other people take away our potential for living the life we are meant to live simply because we are too caught up in the ego part of living. Maybe it seems fun or different or mysterious. Let me tell you something, love is never any of those things. Love is the simplest thing in life. It is always here, always positive, always real. So love life each day by standing up for love and not ego. Now keep calm and LOVE! –Levita

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