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Style Your Look – Jessica Huffman

Tell us a bit about your background, both work and education. How did you come to find your true passion?

I was raised in a christian minister’s home which organically set a course for non-profit work. I’ve was exposed to the RAW humanity of people, but quickly learned to develop and believe in them at a young age.


I discovered my true passion from a natural instinct for style, makeup, shopping and many friends and strangers saying, “You are so good at that, can you do it for me?” I always loved helping others discover their own personal passions in life as well. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I could do it for a living.


I have basic college level credits, am certified StrengthFinder coach, and Image Consultant.


After reading about what it means to us to #StyleYourLife, how do you style your life? How do you customize it and make your life for you?


Style Your Life has two meanings to me.


First, I STRONGLY believe in the power of “first impressions.” That within 60 second every individual has the unique capability to leave a lasting impression on every soul they meet. It could be both a positive or negative impression, and “styling your life” is an opportunity to build YOUR unique contribution within the world they influence. Words, body image, choices, wardrobe all speak a powerful message. Why not use that power and edge to create a beautiful and intentional world within your own life and the lives around you.


Second, discovering your wardrobe style is a necessary need each person WILL HAVE to harness at some point in their life. Whether it’s a speaking engagement, career change, interview or first date, these life moment draw upon that desire (or desperation) to look the part. They say if you look great, you feel great, and if you feel great you DO GREAT!



Doing this for myself means creating a life I truly am proud to live and give in! It also means that I absolutely love the idea of putting a personalized look together for myself and the specific event, meeting, date, I am attending.


Can you tell us a bit about whats in store for your future?



After a year of attempting a variety of different translations of my business, I wasn’t content with any of them long-term. I took a step back, reevaluated my strategy and decided to work smarter NOT harder. I am taking all my certifications, experience, and passions to an online platform via a new site. I would love to dominate the online world when it comes to that online resource for woman who want to design THEIR best lifestyle, from the inside out. It’s called BeautyBrains. org and will be a collaboration of woman sharing their niche on how to be beautiful, be brilliant, and be individual. In a world that tries to define a low standard of living, I want to raise that bar and empower WOMAN globally.


Do you have any tips/tricks to share with aspiring women in business and fellow female leaders?


I feel as though I am still learning from the “GREATS” myself, but I would say this:


  1. Fail forward…don’t be scared to try and fail, and try again, and then try again. Your path is YOURS, so walk it out gracefully and stylishly, and don’t try to walk any else’s path.
  2. Be innovative…find what you love and then challenge yourself to do it better, differently, uniquely. People are valued for their unique contribution, not their sameness.
  3. Find 3 types of people in this journey: a mentor (someone who challenges you), a cheerleader (someone who believes in you to a fault), and a hater (someone to remind you that there will always be those who belittle your dreams).



What does it mean to be happy, to you? Can you share 5 tips to happiness?


  1. Love well… life is found in the moments when we give ourselves fully to people and causes that are beyond our capacity and can possibly offer nothing in return.
  2. Have a dance party….find that time regular where you can kick off your shoes, let your hair down, and have a free moment to your favorite song. It will remind you in the midst of your to-do’s and the stress, that life is meant to be fun!
  3. Be generous….it’s a permanent part of my growth strategy. Whenever I become cynical, critical, or doubtful, I have transition down a path of fear and entitlement. Generosity slaps those negative qualities in the face and gets you back on track to the “why” behind the “what”. Plus, all great people I admire and have left a strong legacy are generous, so I want that to be me one day.
  4. Dress well….when I look my best, I’ve found I always perform better! Your wardrobe is not skin deep, but a reflection of who you see yourself to be. It’s one piece of the bigger pie of truly loving yourself.
  5. Embrace alone time…..I adore people, but cherish my alone time. It’s my time to let the past catch up with the present, dream and plan for the future, and refresh my soul. I am that individual who can watch a movie alone, eat alone, shop alone, work alone and become rejuvenated for my world.


How would you advise other women to take control of their careers and customize their lives in all aspects? 

You must love yourself enough to know you can have the life you dream. That every aspect of what you desire most is possible, attainable, and ready for the taking. Learn your “trigger points” in what inspires and motives you, as well as what discourages you, then place a STRONG plan around them; you can then harness every moment, feeling, struggle, desire that comes your way. Don’t try to do things the way “she did” or even “he did”. You have a unique set of skills and strengths that the world needs. Invest time into discovering them and watch your world change overnight! Be courageous with your life by asking those questions, having that conversation, investing that money; one day you will look back and say “I DID IT” verses “Why didn’t I?”. Be a woman with failures, not regrets.

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