The Healthy Eating Angle You’re Missing

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The Healthy Eating Angle You’re Missing

Sara Best, RHN

Everyone has an angle they’re trying to work to find the “perfect” diet and get the edge on healthy eating.

Low-carb, high-fat, gluten-free, no sugar, all organic, raw, paleo, vegan – they all have raving fans who swear by their system and believe everyone should be on it.

As a nutritionist I take all of these with a grain of salt (pun intended). Every person is different and there’s a place and a proper context for each of these approaches.

However, I believe there is one perspective on food that most people are missing. And, to me, it’s the most important and universal.
And that is ENERGY.

Everything on the planet is made up of energy. That’s not a “woo-woo” hippie spiritual concept, that’s physics.

Food, like you, like your dog and your stapler are all made up of energy.

And, depending on the nature of the food and how it was produced and processed, each food has a different energetic frequency.

You are what you eat, so when you eat foods that have a high energetic frequency, you raise your own frequency. When you eat foods that have a low energetic frequency, you lower your frequency.

This is a big part of the reason you feel like you can fly after drinking a big glass of green juice, but want to pass out on the couch after downing half a pizza.

I call these foods with high energetic frequencies, “high vibration foods” and I teach my clients how to incorporate much more of them into their regular diet.

When we start to think about what we eat in terms of energy rather than macro nutrients, calories or grams, we start to approach food for the purpose it was intended – to fuel and nourish our bodies, minds and souls.

High vibration foods include:

Raw vegetables and fruits, lightly cooked vegetables and fruits, sprouts, whole grains, raw nuts and seeds, fresh herbs and spices, fresh vegetables juices, unpasteurized honey, raw cacao, herbal teas, naturally fermented foods, beans and legumes.

Low vibrations foods include:

White flours, white rice, white pasta, most packaged foods, hydrogenated oils, vegetable oils, refined sugar, alcohol, dairy products, microwaved foods, fast food and factory farmed meat and fish.

The more you can think about the energetic vibration of the foods you’re choosing, and the more foods you can choose on the higher vibration end of the spectrum, the better you’ll feel.

We spend two whole weeks learning about energetic eating and incorporating high vibration foods in my 28-Day Fueling Greatness group program.

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