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  1. Tell us a bit about your background, both work and education. How did you come to find your true passion?

As for my Fashion and Image background came early in life when my Mother always had me dressed to the hilt!  My Mother would spend a lot of her time sewing which made me fall in love with fabrics; the colors, the feel, how they are transformed into beautiful clothes! However, I went through life and the world began to tell me that I was not beautiful and that I wasn’t worthy and I believed what the world told me.  I stopped dreaming openly and went on to go to college studying Human Services Counseling wanting help others, but ultimately to help myself!

I continued on to spend most of my adult life in the traditional lane of employee always feeling as though there was something more for me to experience with my life.  Then in November 2013 I decided to take a leap of faith and start Diamond DIVA International to combine my love for fashion with my true passion of helping women move pass self-esteem sabotage into living their #BeautyOUTLoud!

  1. After reading about what it means to us to #StyleYourLife, how do you style your life? How do you customize it and make your life for you?

I #StyleMyLife by remaining grounded spiritually! Also by remaining authentic to myself and what resonates in my soul.  It took me a long time to OWN my POWER and I make sure to not let that falter.  There are two quotes that explain how I chose to Style My Life.  “I can be a better me than anyone can.” ~ Diana Ross and “If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased.” ~ Katharine Hepburn

So that’s what I chose to do as a reformed people pleaser it is life my life for me! To not only dream about my destiny but to EXECUTE the steps necessary for make my destiny reality!

  1. Can you tell us a bit about what’s in store for your future?

The future? Well my future is so bright that I wear shades often when I look towards it!! At this time I know that I will continue to work with my clients to create their Signature Looks and help them to define their unique Style Personality!  I’m currently looking into venues to host the first every EMBRACE Conference (Embracing My Beauty while Remaining Authentically Confident & Empowered) in 2015! Other than that I will continue to watch as my dreams unfold before my eyes!

  1. Do you have any tips/tricks to share with aspiring women in business and fellow female leaders?

There is no trick to business or to leading. My advice would be to never let anyone derail your dreams. The very thing that is wailing up inside of you that actually scares you a bit is the VERY thing you were designed to do.  Don’t let the fact that it’s never been done or done like you plan to do it to deter you from your journey!  No one can beat you at being you.  Your destiny is your unique footprint in this World and I encourage you to dance all over it!!

  1. What does it mean to be happy, to you? Can you share 5 tips to happiness?

My 5 tips to happiness:

  1. Get to know yourself:  I mean really get to know yourself, what you like, what moves you, what makes you cry, what you need to work on, get to know your complete self.  When you can be honest with yourself then you can be happy in your life.  This is not something that someone else can do for you.

  2. Don’t apologize:  Don’t apologize for being you!  I can’t express how much your true happiness depends on you being UNAPOLOGETIC in your life and in pursuing your dreams!

  3. Be willing to Forgive: Always be willing to forgive yourself and others because everyone’s makes mistakes. So don’t beat yourself or others up for their mistakes. Forgive and move on!

  4. Take time out for yourself:  Self-care is not selfish.  We all need to take time out for ourselves. Where we get time to ourselves to recharge and realign.

  5. Have FUN:  Sometimes we get caught up in the “doing” of life that we forget that we are here for the “living” of life! So live your life to the fullest and HAVE FUN! You’ll be happier for it!

  1. How would you advise other women to take control of their careers and customize their lives in all aspects?

I think once you get clear about the REAL things you want out of your life that then it becomes about your resilience to create that life.  So whether you want to be a lawyer that helps grassroots organizations, or a chef that specializes in only potato dishes, or like me helping women increase their confidence and create their Signature look to be Unforgettable, you can create the life you want! SO GET TO CREATING IT!


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My Short Bio:

Famira M. Green is The Diamond DIVA! She’s known as the Embeautiment Style Translator™. Her life’s mission is to work with women and help them learn to share their authentic #BeautyOUTLoud! She’s Chief Visionary Officer of Diamond DIVA International, a full service, boutique style Image Consulting and Life Coaching business. There she empowers women to break the shackles of self-esteem sabotage and gain the confidence to set their own personal beauty standards and thrive! Empowering them to play BIG and increase their financial bottom line by creating a Signature Look that gets the booked and makes them Unforgettable! Allowing them to achieve all the success they deserve and are destined for!

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