Emotional Clutter Around Money

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How do you know if you have emotional clutter around money?

If you have unpaid bills, unresolved money issues, un filed taxes, piles of paper, unorganized places in your home, you’ve been avoiding money and tax issues or you feel worried or fearful about money, you probably have emotional clutter!

Clutter in your “space” is just a physical symptom of a limiting belief that is holding you back! It’s one way that we avoid dealing with issues & shows what is really going on in your mind!

Without clearing out emotional clutter, you can’t possibly move forward in business without finally resolving to settle the things that have been hanging over your head. Negative energy spend worrying or thinking about something you haven’t taken care of, will drain you and keep you from reaching your full potential.

Overflowing closets, drawers, purses, vehicles or rooms in your house drain energy from you & block your creativity!

Here are five ways to clear emotional clutter around money!

1. Create a clean and inviting work space.
2. Write down who owes you money & contact them for payment.
3. Clean up bills, receipts and loose paper.
4. Resolve taxes you have not filed or paid.
5. Contact anyone you owe money to & set up payment plans or promises to pay.

The key to creating space for more money is to clean up the emotional clutter & allow abundance to flow! Whatever is out of place or whoever is out of line, deal with it head on and you’ll keep a work space that you can always thrive in which will produce the abundance you really want!

If you need help with clearing emotional clutter or any of these steps, connect with me today for a free breakthrough session! ESPECIALLY, if it relates to money and taxes! Avoiding filing taxes or preparing for them, is a HUGE sign that you have emotional clutter around money!! Don’t wait, CONNECT with me TODAY so that you can begin to create the business & life you truly desire!!

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