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My background is in Psychology. I have 22 years of direct service in the fields of Mental Health, Social Services and Family Court Services. I hit the glass ceiling nearly ten years ago and really struggled with wanting to be paid what I knew I was worth. I started blogging before it was a thing. It was more like an electronic diary back then. I was blogging about my divorce and it seemed to resonate with an audience I didn’t even know I was looking for. Divorce became a niche for me and I was able to blend my work experience as a court mediator and investigator with my growing career as a writer. Over time, I have written six books directly associated with divorce and was a paid columnist for print news and as their expert on Divorce. I started to get a lot of traction in pop culture and became a returning guest with Nancy Redd on HuffPostLive. That exposure was great for my brand and growing my audience.

In 2008, life started to change. I was dating someone who was a prominent member of his community. This was also a time of flux in the economic climate and an election year. My boyfriend found himself at the center of a white collar accusation and it turned into a six year legal battle of epic proportions. Along the way, we got married and continued to fight for his innocence against a machine with deep pockets and the gift of media manipulation. After years of struggling to clear his name, including being put in jail to force a plea (which he didn’t accept) and being on the national news, he was finally put through a trial and he lost. Sent to prison for 43 years. I not only became a widow without the death, I became collateral damage to a situation I had nothing to do with.

This sent me into a terrible depression and cost me my career. At the time of the conviction, I was working as a court investigator with the Superior Courts and I was fired as a result of the fall out. Black listed and battered by the media frenzy, I ran out of the tools I needed to cope. Despite two decades of helping others and a Masters degree in Psych. I was stuck. Big Time.

It took some time, but I did find my way. Once I did, I came back better than before. I had a message of hope and a clear vision to ensure no one ever felt as alone as I did during that time. I widened my niche to all forms of crisis, not just divorce, and rebranded as America’s Crisis Coach. I have a bold approach to crisis management and now I work with celebrities, professional athletes, corporations and high achievers who are facing the worst times of their lives. I understand because I have been there.

The biggest thing I learned since my husband’s conviction is that we must walk into the fire when the flames rise. Hiding brought me nothing, and believing I was required to accept the opinions of others brought me to the brink of suicide. I knew I was a wonderful person and I bought the BS that I was damaged goods. I am not. Neither is anyone who is being forced into shame.

When I stopped being defensive about my situation and my life, I started to attract people who needed the courage I had. I freely lend it until they revive their own. No situation is too big to overcome and one thing I know for sure is this- Everybody is hiding something and the sooner they talk about it, the sooner they can claim the life they have always wanted.

One of the ways I have been able to pay it forward is by starting a podcast called Coming out of the Fire. I interview people who have been through unusual and high-end crisis. They share how they went through the fire. My goal is to provide a resource where anyone hiding in pain can hear from someone who has been there and survived.

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