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I am a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Life Coach, and EFT practitioner. I live a life of love, passion, and purpose despite experiencing poverty, dysfunction, and sexual abuse as a child. In my teens and twenties, I suffered from crushing insecurities and low self-esteem. I overindulged in food and alcohol to try to numb the emotional pain that I was feeling. I felt that there were so many more goals that I had but it felt like there were always parts of me that sabotaged me from living a life of real happiness.

Even though I graduated from college, remained gainfully employed, and owned my first home at the age of 27, I was dying inside. I literally wore a mask everyday to try to convince others and myself that I was happy and doing great in my life. I had an epiphany in my late 20’s. One day, I was in my bathroom getting dressed in preparation to have a girls night out. As I was dressing and looking in the mirror, I saw it for the first time. I saw the pain that I had been repressing for so long. I saw it as a physical thing and it completely overwhelmed me. I found myself on the bathroom floor balling my eyes out and feeling my this pain on a deep level in a way that I never had.

That was the beginning of my transformation. Soon after, I was able to get the help that I needed. I decided to become a hypnotherapist years later after I started to see a hypnotherapist specifically to work through my issues with my childhood sexual abuse. The inner child work that I did with my own hypnotherapist changed my life. This is why I really specialize in working with people who experienced some sort of childhood trauma or were made to feel that they weren’t good enough. We were all born full of self-love and self-acceptance. Things happen in all of our lives that cause us to shift the way we see ourselves and the world. Our limiting beliefs and emotional blocks were developed in childhood and still live in our subconscious minds. The reason why we are so suggestible as children is because our brains are constantly experiencing theta brain waves.Our minds are like sponges as children and so everything that we see, hear, feel, and experience affects us our ability to realize our full potential. One of the reasons why hypnosis is so effective is because when one is in a state of hypnosis, the brain is experiencing the same theta waves that were experienced in childhood.

What I find with most people is that the reason why they are not living the highest vision for their lives is because there are parts of them that were created in childhood that were made to feel that exactly who they were was not good enough. They are literally carrying these parts around in their minds. These parts are holding them back from creating a life that they love. I find it so rewarding to help my clients do the inner work that needs to be done to manifest their dreams. I also help them to create concrete action plans with all the necessary steps to reach their goals. We also work through any resistance that presents itself to their goals.

I feel that my work is my life purpose and I am so honored to work with clients on a one on one or group basis. My clients have experienced phenomenal changes in their lives all because they began to release the limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that were in the way.

If you are interested in learning more about the work that I do, please visit my website at www.mindshiftlife.com

Much Love,
Rashida Gaye CHT

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