How to become a swoon-worthy brand part I

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How to become a swoon-worthy brand

Imagine this…

You have a brand that everyone wants.
Your client or customer list is completely full.
You started a waitlist and it keeps on growing because everyone is clamoring for what you have.

Well, that’s exactly what you can have with a swoon-worthy brand.

Because bottom line, swoon-worthy brands attract clients and customers with ease. The more people want the brand, the more in demand they become and pretty soon everyone wants a piece of that brand.

But becoming that highly sought out doesn’t start with your logos, graphics, and website. And it doesn’t happen overnight.

It actually starts with understanding the psychology of the buyer. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all geeky on you).

There are 3 phases your ideal clients will go through in order to actually purchase your items.

The easiest way to explain this is to pretend your business has a physical location in a mall. Even if you have a service based business, pretend for a moment it is an actual store selling your service.

First your ideal clients or customers are the browser. They have a need for something and they start looking around and exploring all their options. Basically they are doing a little window shopping.

Then something catch their eye in your store. It could be a display or maybe you have a sign or a free sample. They then decide to come into your store to take a further look.

This is why they become the shopper. They become interested in what you have and start looking around in your store for the solution.

Finally they see something they like and decide to look at it more closely. Maybe try it on or test it out.

They determine they like what they see, feel comfortable with it, and then they purchase the item. And that’s when they become the buyer.

Every ideal client for your business and any business goes through those 3 phases when they don’t really know your brand.

And you need to honor those phases when you are creating new relationships. The worst thing to do is to ask for the sale when they are the browser. Because they don’t know if they like you yet. They are still feeling you out.

To even get them to start shopping at your store, you got to understand what your ideal clients or customers really desire. What would get them to make the first move.

This is the first step to becoming a swoon-worthy brand.

Next week, I’ll share the second step and help you shorten the time it takes for your brand to be known.

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