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One of the most popular questions I’m asked on a weekly basis is how to connect more deeply to Spirit/Source/God/Universe. We’re all connected, and often the most connected ask this question, which has nothing to do with ‘how’ and everything to do with BE-ingness.

There are ways of BE-ing in your body, our collective field, the world, the universe and beyond that facilitate aligned spiritual connection.

If you’re willing to follow this simple, yet profound ‘connection’ blueprint, you can enjoy daily alignment and ease as well.

Here’s your spiritual connection blueprint:

1. Grounding practice – whether it be before you get out of bed, 1st thing in the morning, or touching your feet to the earth at some point, you need to get into your body and centered on a daily basis so that you can be present to the abundance of spiritual experiences on this planet *and* to the downloads that want to come in.

2. Practicing presence – whether it is daily mindfulness practice or being out in nature or around animals, you need to be connected to energy beyond the ego so that you can receive clarity from a much higher perspective.

3. Daily gratitude – I know you’ve heard it before but let’s look at it differently. If you are focused on the ‘lack’ of connection or ‘lack’ of spiritual gifts that you have, you are creating contraction, rather than expansion and pushing connection away. By practicing appreciation of what is available, more can come in, and as you master this, it comes in with much more ease.

4. Practice expansion – this means managing your mindset and focusing on what’s possible as opposed to what isn’t. As an infinite being of light, you are infinitely expansive, when you slip into monkey mind chatter (i.e I’m not worthy, I can’t do this, there isn’t enough xxx) you create a contraction which acts as an energy of interference to your connection.

5. Let your highest self run the show – emotions are temporary and they result from perception/illusion. When you allow emotion or the monkey mind to run the show, you are connected to non-reality and to ego which interferes with your divine connection. Creating a daily spiritual practice of connecting to your highest self allows you to live in the reality of all that is and in the field of possibility.

6. Focus on contribution – each day, live in these 3 questions:
a) how can I be a contribution to myself
b) how can I be a contribution to this planet
c) how can I be in allowance of this planet being a contribution to me
By living in these questions and allowing yourself to receive beyond what you could have imagined, you’ll experience the and better every day.

7. Take personal responsibility for it all – all choices have cause and effect, it’s just the nature of the universe; the sooner we know the choices we make and the cause and effect of those choices, the sooner we can move forward and towards the next opportunity for spiritual connection. When doing so, come from a place of non-judgement, but rather awareness.

8. Practice non-attachment – as soon as you make something mean something, it gets fixed into a definition and cannot be anything else; it closes off trillions of other possibilities and doesn’t allow for the “and better” or for evolution to occur. This means non-attachment to whether people like you (or don’t like you), whether you attract a particular client, whether you perceive that someone is more spiritually ‘gifted’ than you, and so on. Live beyond attachment to allow of expanded possibilities.

9. Create sacred space to connect with your divine guidance – we’re not here to do it alone and we’ve been given the exact tools that we need to support in living beyond the ego, mastering a human/spiritual experience, releasing old wounds and non-realities and so much more. This is why I’ve been teaching and practicing in the Akashic Records (the record of your soul through all dimensions) for years because it is truly the deepest level of healing and divine guidance available to us and ANYONE can access them, and in fact, learning to access them makes this blueprint so much easier (just like 2nd nature).

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