8 Must-Have’s For Miracle Money Manifestation!

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In January of last year, I was gobsmacked to receive a divine download that 2014 was to be the year I built a real estate empire.

Where is this coming from? I know nothing about real estate! I’m a healer, a teacher, an author, a self-proclaimed comic (maybe), but a real estate empire builder?

There has got to be a break in the cosmic egg and the yoke is on me?

The reality is, this download got stronger and stronger, and in less than 1month, I hired a mentor (I can’t stress enough how important it is to do this) and acquired more than $2.5M in real estate assets from what I implemented right away. Since that time, I have acquired more than $20M.

I’ve since learned that it is part of my purpose to teach soulful women about wealth building, and in order for that to occur, I must be the model of what is possible.

Why am I sharing this?

1) your higher self always knows the truth – are you prepared to listen without knowing the how?

2) anything is possible when you step into allowance – are you blocking or receiving (your current circumstances will show you the truth of this)

3) the speed in which you make quantum leaps is completely dependent upon your *choice* to be ready, the alignment of your actions, and your vibrational match to that which you wish to call in. What are you doing to ensure that your mindset, who you surround with, and what you allow into your field, are vibrationally matched to that which you wish to create?

4) we all have access to the same divine mind – what you wish to create has already been created (whether it be a lifetime partnership, business, $1M, etc). It’s our job to tap into the ‘formula’ and implement from the least path of resistance as infinite beings mastering the 3D experience.

5) money is does not make you more or less spiritual, but yes….highly woo people like myself can allow in immense abundance without apology and make a difference. If I, as a public servant on a limited salary can evolve to this point, then so can you, if you’re willing to stop playing the victim card (yep, I called that out) and convincing yourself that you don’t know how.

6) everything is figure-outable. It requires that you call in the right support and info, and be willing to allow others (including the universe) to be a contribution to your manifestations.

7) I teach about the energy of money. I believe it’s my job to keep up-leveling as I believe that you can only fly as high as the plane that is flying you. Translation: I want to bring the best version of me to serving you! I have far too many people out in the world coming to me for coaching who are out teaching about money, on big telesummits, writing books, etc and they are on the brink of bankruptcy.

I owe it to myself, and I owe it you (since I am teaching this) to be as congruent as I can be if I am to honor my mission of heaping over 1 million people heal their money stories. do you agree?

8) mentors are essentially in showing you the path of least resistance, and save you a ton of time, money and energy in floundering around trying to figure it out on your own – who are you willing to bring into your life to take you to the next level of what you wish to create?

If you’re ready to learn how to activate your unique wealth blueprint too, then you cannot afford to miss my f.ree training call: http://www.souljourneys.ca/programs/7-divine-keys-to-activate-your-wealth-blueprint/ and build whatever is your purpose to build with an abundance of resources (a.k.a money) with ease and joy!

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