8 Essential Keys You Must Have To Activate Soul-level Wealth

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“8 Essential Keys You Must Have To Activate Soul-level Wealth”

Soul-level wealth sounds pretty heavenly, doesn’t it?!

I wish I knew about the fact that we all have a unique wealth blueprint years ago – my life would have been so much different, in that:

a) I wouldn’t have been shaming/blaming/guilting/judging myself around money (how I spent it, what I did or didn’t do with it, how I ranked in comparison to others my age, etc). Free of this energy, I would have redirected that unnecessary energy expenditure into *living my purpose* and allowing more to flow to me and from me.

b) I would have been free from the heavy, heavy burdens that I took on from my family, society, past lives, etc and would have lived a more expansive (rather than contracted) path!

c) I would have shifted from having just enough to get by to having more than enough.

d) I would have shifted from doubting my ability to handle more to joyfully allowing an infinite flow in with ease and grace.

e) I would have worked a lot less and with less struggle, knowing instead, that I am worthy of what comes to me.

f) I wouldn’t have spent money to fill an unconscious void and spent more time taking life in to the fullest

Do I have regrets?

Absolutely not!

I am grateful that I get to share all of this with you so that you can shift out of illusions and projections around money sooner than i did so that you can live your most aligned, abundant path!

The cool thing is that there is only ONE DIVINE KEY to activate so that you can experience greater degrees of abundance and wealth, but….you *do* need this ONE KEY, all the same, to create that for yourself.

If it’s not activated, not much will change with your current relationship with money.

When this ONE KEY isn’t activated, you continue to have money hiccups that interrupt the har-money in your life.

You simply need to fully activate and align to ONE KEY – *your* unique wealth blueprint that was created for YOU at the inception of your soul which then allows you to create alignment on all levels of your being.

Once this blueprint is aligned, there is immense flow, harmony, peace and abundance available to you.

So, what essential ingredients do you need to activate your wealth blueprint?

1. You must permanently clear out all interference with your soul’s blueprint and your wealth blueprint to allow the divine truth to shine through and for alignment to occur (the truth of your wealth blueprint must have the freedom to shine through all illusions and projections)

2. A comprehensive activation and alignment of your language of light to be in complete harmony with your wealth blueprint (there are certain energies in all spaces/times/dimensions that must be called in to ensure the pot of gold overfloweth).

3. You need full alignment to powerful wealth gateways beyond this dimension for greater magnification of universal wealth on its way to you; this part is really cool once you awaken to the possibilities in this area

4. You learn to co-create multi-dimensional wealth channels specific to your wealth blueprint

5. You expand your capacity to receive wealth exponentially (by recalibrating your 12 energy bodies) so that you are constantly tapping into your infinite pot of gold!

6. You receive money mastery and manifestation encodements to support quantum leaps and infinite flow

7. You receive alignments to universal truths about money and beyond so that you are always in divine relationship with money.

8. You learn to powerfully connect into to the consciousness of your wealth blueprint daily to receive guidance and harmonization with it’s purpose and divine agenda.

I’m going to be diving into this much, much deeper on my f.ree, high-content training call August 19th at 7pmEDT, so if you’re ready to finally call in the soul-level wealth that you know is waiting for you, be sure to save your seat here:


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