6 Major Distinctions Between 5 and 6 Figure Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

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I recently laser-coached some struggling 5 figure purpose-driven entrepreneurs who wished to explore coaching with me about how to step into 6 figures and beyond. They knew their purpose BUT were struggling with how to really bring it out into the world in a meaningful way that could also be abundantly monetized.

This struggle made them question their path, their purpose, their worth, their competency and more!

They loved what they were doing but were ready to throw in the towel and it was beginning to feel really hard to sustain the ‘grind’ and ‘hustle’.

Can you relate?

In chatting with each one of the ladies, I noticed some striking similarities in what they were sharing with me AND how they were showing up and using their time with me.

Since how we do anything is how we do everything, how we show up energetically and otherwise for our biz’s determine a lot!

Here are some *marked* differences that I noticed in how 5 figure vs. multiple 6 figure biz owners show up:

1. 6 figure biz owners show up for their biz – fully! They’re mentally and emotionally present, arrive on time for appointments, are prepared, take full responsibility for what they create and they speed in which they create it, and have full awareness of the inner and outer energies of their biz (and make a point of managing them regularly).

2. 6 figure biz owners are succinct . They don’t ramble on in their story, create smoke screens, and easily go off topic. They strive for crystal clear communication knowing that clarity = cash

3. 6 figure biz owners are decisive, focussed and solution-oriented. They don’t swirl in confusion and indecision for prolonged periods of time, focus on why things can’t work or blame others for a lack of progress. They are CEO’s of their empire and avoid showing up in an employee mindset of the business that they are choosing to run.

4. 6 figure biz owners have a vision, use it as a compass for where they are going, and take committed, consistent action to bringing it to fruition (client attraction, marketing, knowing their #’s, etc)

5. 6 figure biz owners recognize that investing in themselves and their biz is imperative for growth. They don’t begrudge the ‘cost’ of doing business and b/c they have a healthy money story, they know that money goes in and out like an infinity symbol (never-ending)

6. 6 figure biz owners don’t hide – they are willing to be visible and spread their message even if it’s temporarily uncomfortable because they’ve mastered the art of being comfortably uncomfortable AND they are willing to let their purpose (rather than the monkey mind) run the show!-)

Naturally, there are more differences, but I wanted to at least start the conversation so that you can explore how you may want to amp up your biz results so that you can breakthrough the current ceiling in your biz:)

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