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Do you ever wonder if you are truly living your purpose?

I’ve conducted over 30, 000 soul purpose sessions of the years with women from all walks of life, and even though they learn what their purpose is, they still don’t know if they’re really living it.

When I dive deeper with them, I learned that there are 5 major distractions that give you the illusion of being purposeful, but are NOT your purpose. They’re unconscious, so don’t go into judgement as your read them, just tune in and see which one(s) may ring true for you:

1. Always being on a diet
– as long as you gain weight, then your purpose becomes taking it off again. So, what do you do once the weight is gone? Well, if you are still distracting yourself from living your purpose, then you repeat the cycle, eventually feeling like a hamster on a wheel.

2. Digging yourself out of debt – if your purpose is erasing the mountain of debt that you’ve created, then can you ever really get out of debt? What will happen when you’re debt free? Who will you be?

3. Being a self-help junkie – as long as you make fixing yourself a full time job, you can give yourself the illusion that you’re busy living your purpose when what you’re really doing is reinforcing the belief that you can’t put yourself out there until you’re perfect.

4. Dating the stray puppy – they’re cute, they’re cuddly, they’ve got a sad story and you need to give them a lot of training and a lot of love for them to grow until their full potential, but…..you don’t have the right tools, so they keep peeing on you, running away, biting you, and so on. You are so convinced that you are the only person that can rehabilitate them, and if you can’t, you find another stray puppy OR become a self-help junkie to find out why you keep failing at training stray puppies (both of which just distract you from your real purpose:).

5. Creating chronic illness – again, as long as you are sick, then it becomes your purpose to get better. But, what will happen to all of the things you don’t have to do when you’re sick and what will happen to all of the attention when you’re healthy? Yes, I’m aware this may trigger you when reading it. Naturally any of these distractions listed here are done unconsciously – the point is, to bring them into your awareness so that you can make a conscious choice about living YOUR true purpose.

Your true purpose is to BE.

It is to BE an extension of the creative life force energy and spread that light wherever you go.

It is to harness that energy and manifest it in to physical form in whichever way you choose.

And your specific purpose is to look at the silver lining of these points above, determine what you’ve spend a lot of time mastering (ie. releasing weight) and serve others with your wisdom.

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