4 Sure-fire Ways To Stay In Your Body and Receive The Bounty From The Universe

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Throughout my years as a healer, there are some recurring questions that I get asked by almost everyone that I serve, which include:


How do I know if I’m in my body?”

How do I know if I’m not in my body?”

Why do I leave my body?”

What can I do to stay in my body?”


Did you smile at any of these when you read them? If you did, you’re certainly not alone. I’ve come to learn that most people are not fully embodied. Some folks prefer it that way, while others strive to feel more grounded, more consistently. Which is your preference?

For folks who prefer to be out of their body, they may have a belief that they will reach spiritual enlightenment more quickly without the “limitation” of a body and they don’t want to be weighed down and/or associated with anything considered “lower dimensional.”

Others like the feeling of “lightness” associated with being out of the body, almost as though they are riding a magic carpet (and believe this is the only way to create this).

More commonly, people are not fully embodied because they don’t feel at home on the planet or in their body. Often souls feel like they don’t belong here, either because they can’t relate and feel misunderstood or because they’ve been told directly or indirectly that they don’t belong (this often happens in our family of origin).

When people don’t feel at home in their body, it can be because they are more comfortable existing in dimensions where a physical body is not required. Yet, the overwhelming reason why folks don’t feel at home in their body is because a trauma has occurred to foster the belief that it’s not safe to be in their body (or on the planet), and they disassociate as a coping mechanism. This coping strategy becomes so second nature that it becomes unconscious and takes over any time a person perceives or experiences a risk to themselves.

Often the body can be associated with pain, trauma, guilt, shame, burden or a whole host of other energies, so the desire to be inside the very ‘home’ that has negative associations is not very appealing.

The truth is that the more you are out of your body, the more pain you actually experience. Either because you are more prone to stubbing your toe, banging your head, or getting into bicycle or car accidents.

Furthermore, you miss out on the depth of relationship, abundance and prosperity, the beauty of nature, the wisdom of the animal kingdom and so much more, because you are not fully present.

This pain and disconnect can be immeasurable.

The truth is, that of all of the infinite experiences that your soul chose to have, it’s infinite wisdom chose a human experience, accompanied by a human body. You can embody this truth and use this planet and your body to maximize your soul growth while learning to master allowing the creative life force to move through you into physical form (which is what these tools give to you).

Here is another truth: your body has consciousness and is consciousness.

What wisdom teachings are you missing out on when you’re not fully connected to your body?

What will shift in your life, your being, your body when you shift the energies within to allow for full embodiment?

I believe that embodiment is a process, and it is much more complex than what I’ve outlined here, but I did want to initiate this on-going discussion that I’d like to have with you as I know it’s a really important area of growth and expansion. Let’s at least begin with some tangible, practical tips that you can implement right away to become more embodied and continue this conversation throughout the coming weeks.

Here are 4 easy, yet powerful tips, for you to get started right away:

1. Before leaving your bed upon waking, draw your awareness to your limbs, your head, your feet and your breathing. Who knows where you’ve been traveling throughout your sleep state. When you’re waking up, the ship is basically landing onto a runway the length of your body and it’s time to come back to earth. If you don’t re-acquaint yourself with the vessel that you’re using in this dimension and remind yourself of it’s parts, you will go throughout your entire day hovering around or above your body – but not in it!

2. Drink some water. Yes, it’s great to do this to wake up the organs and flush out the systems, but for the purpose of embodiment, when you need to begin coordinating your outer movements with your inner processes, it gets you into your body much more quickly. Think about it for a moment, when you first pour the water, your brain needs to wake up, as do your fine and gross motor skills, then you begin to feel liquid going down your throat and into your belly. You become acutely aware of the inside – how often do we do that?

3. Move your body upon waking. Beyond drinking water to begin connecting the dots, moving your body forces you into your body because you need to heighten your awareness of your body in relation to your surroundings so as to avoid injury. The great thing is that it doesn’t need to be strenuous, just easy, enjoyable movement like yoga, pilates, free-style dancing, rolling like a ball or whatever else tickles your fancy!-)

4. Draw your attention to your feet. This can be done in the morning and throughout the day, particularly if you’re not sure if you’re in your body (and by the way, if you’re asking that question, you’re probably not in your body…:) Nothing will make you more aware of your groundedness than feeling your feet as though they are very heavy bricks. As an aside it’s a great way to bring yourself back into your body after energy work, meditation, or sleep and it’s a great way to start conversations, particularly ones where you really want to be in your power.

Why are these tips important? Because it is challenging enough to live on purpose and run a business; it’s even harder when you’re not fully present to receive the bounty of your manifestations. In fact, being in your body is the deciding factor as to whether money shows up abundantly or not – you cannot receive what you are not fully present for.

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