3 Tax Strategies Most CPA’s Won’t Tell You!

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Most People Pay Too Many Taxes! Here is the US, the IRS estimates that we overpay by about $945,000,000,000 —- YES THAT IS BILLIONS!!! This is also true is most countries around the world!

One of the largest expenses we have is taxes, ESPECIALLY if you own a Business or Real Estate. In my 17+ years of helping entrepreneurs start businesses & give tax advice, I found that most Accountants & CPA’s do not ask the right questions or ANY questions at all! Time and time again I would ask people just a few questions and I was shocked that the Accountant or CPA had not asked them these same questions!! Out of this frustration I created my Signature Programs that utilize Strategic Tax Planning.

What is Strategic Tax Planning?

It is a plan that utilizes all the credits, loopholes & deductions allowed legally
Q: Why doesn’t my tax advisor share a strategic tax plan with me?
A: Most tax advisors are great record keepers & are detailed orientated, not strategic
Q: What is the average I could possibly save?
A: In certain situations, strategic tax planning can save as much as $15,000+ per year

What Makes Me Unique?

My undergraduate degree is in Accounting. After a few months in my first Accounting job at Walt Disney World, I realized I could not control my time or money, so I left. I started my first consulting business & entered graduate school for my MBA. I have been helping small businesses Create, Manage & Multiply money for 17+ years! I have been deemed a Small Business, Wealth Management & Tax Expert, Plus my passion is coaching women to have profitable six figure+ businesses working SMART, not hard!

Here are 3 tax strategies your CPA probably won’t tell you!!

1. Hire Your Kids! Don’t just give your kids an allowance. Hire them & teach them too! Hiring your kids not only saves you taxes, it also teaches your children valuable work & budgeting skills. Yes it’s legal! You do have to pay your child a reasonable wage, they must actually perform the work & there are limitations for the amount of income that is not being taxed.

2. Buying A New Vehicle! The choice of automobile does matter, there are also limits to the amount you can deduct, but this is a huge deduction. Or even leasing the vehicle in the business name may save you even more! Before you buy, compare buying & leasing & the tax savings!

3. Convert Personal Assets to Business Use! You must first calculate the B.U.P. (business use percentage). You need to also document how it is used for the business & base the write off on the FMV of the asset. This is also a huge missed deduction!!

Money saving tax strategies can potentially find thousands of dollars in hidden profits within your business! If your accountant hasn’t offered you any money saving tax strategies, connect with me TODAY & schedule a free tax strategy session! MY team & I have helped find hundreds of thousands of dollars with our signature money saving tax strategies! You can still use your Accountant or CPA for their record keeping and tax preparation, just add our strategic tax planning and now you have a complete plan for success so that you can beat the IRS legally!

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