3 Brand Secrets to Build Raving Fans

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3 branding secrets to build raving fans

In any business, the goal is to have as many ideal clients and customers be aware and interested in the products and services it sells.

If you look at some of the busiest stores such as Apple or Lululemon, everyone entering these store are essentially potential buyers. And if no one enters the store, the chances of a sale dramatically decreases.

The online world is very similar to a brick and mortar store. If few people enter then there is less of a chance to turn potential buyers to actual buyers. Which is why building raving fans new leads.

There are three must know brand secrets to consistently increase interest, build fans and ultimately grow your list and sell your products and services.

1. Have something new and enticing to offer that generates interest and is on brand.

If you go into any of the top brands’ stores, you’ll always see new and exciting things they offer. Apple launched the iPod, then iPhone, iPad, and now iWatch. In between those big launches that had different versions, iPhone 1-6. Lululemon constantly has new silhouettes to showcase and new colors for their core items. There’s never a dull moment.

When you are able to create interest in your brand, you are able to build buzz. People are excited to see what else is new in your business.

This doesn’t mean you necessarily have to create new product or service. But you have to keep things fresh and interesting.

If you are a coach or sell a service, one way to do this is to create new opt ins that would entice people to give you their email. This strategy has worked wonders and I’ve used about 6 opt ins to build my list to 1600+ in 4 short months.

If you have a product to sell, think of different ways you can feature the items you have. Maybe there’s a new way to use or wear your product. Give people some non common ways to look at your products.

2. Have a list of everything your brand stands for so you don’t stray too far off your path.

Because fans like consistency in brands, you want to make sure that the things are aligned with what you want your brand to stand for and a list of what you stand for will help you navigate new opportunities or products or services.

A great example of a brand that didn’t do this and lost fans in the process is JCPenney’s. JCPenney’s customers loved deals. They would go into the stores looking for a sale and with coupons in hand. When Ron Johnson took over, he wanted to create a new vibe with trendier brands and a more intimate boutique-like shopping experience. At the same time, he ended mass discounting in favor of fair and square pricing. In the end, this process failed because it strayed way too far from where JCPenney’s was as the time and they lost core customers.

Customers love consistency. It is because they feel like they know and trust you. If you are inconsistent, then they think they don’t know you and end up not buying. By creating a list of everything your brand stands, you be clear on what is on target with your brand and what’s not so that you retain your most loyal customers.

The more you can create that consistency and understand what your customers need and want, the more fans you’ll build in the process.

3. Have a way to acknowledge your most loyal fans.

People like to be noticed period. It makes them feel good about themselves. This is one of the reasons why loyalty cards at stores are very popular (think Starbucks cards where they reward you with free drinks if you spend a certain amount).

When you acknowledge your fans you are further building the relationship. That acknowledgment can even take the relationship to the next level because they feel a part of something bigger.

To do this, you could create a special giveaway to your most loyal fans or send them something special (like a handwritten card) after they purchase a product or service. These special touches go a long way in building long term fans.

There you have it, 3 branding secrets to build raving fans.

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