11 Wisdom-bombs For Soul-level Wealth

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There’s a lot of great information out there about how to create wealth, and there’s also just a lot of information, which can mean overwhelm and cause analysis paralysis about where to begin and what feels aligned to YOUR truth.

So, in the spirit of breaking down what it takes to create soul-level wealth (in my opinion and experience), I’ve compiled a list of 11 wisdom-bombs for you to consider:

1. Wealthy people make their health a priority – without your health, nothing else matters. Additionally, the healthier your are, the higher you vibrate which can make you more of a money magnet.

2. Wealthy people follow top biz and investment trends because they’ve made the mental shift from “I just need enough to get by” and “I need to work hard for my money” to…..”how can I make my money work for me?”

3. Wealthy souls lift others up – as I climb, and model what’s possible, I give back to help you reach new heights too! I have yet to meet a wealthy person that hoards wisdom. Share what you know from a place of high-service and watch your internal and external bank account shift!

4. Wealthy people are natural leaders – they take full responsibility for what the create, they look for solutions, they lead themselves and strive to create a more expansive existence, and they tend to hold a certain space for their own personal growth while also having others just naturally looking to them for guidance/upliftment – does this sound like you?

5. Wealthy people surround themselves with other natural leaders – we are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Imagine the compounding energy impact of hanging with people with a high wealth consciousness!

6. Wealthy people recognize that time is the new currency – you can always make more money, but you cannot ring back time. Spend it wisely. And…since time and money are so interconnected as we resources that we use on the planet, how we respect one is what shows with the other.

7. Wealthy people are committed to breaking family patterns around $$$ – they respect where they came from, they embrace the wisdom, and they’re committed to doing better even if ‘the tribe’ is not comfortable. They understand how important it is to break free of family money patterns to create soul-level wealth and freedom!

8. Wealthy people allow money w/o judgement – why would they ask for money to come around, and then poo-poo the way in which it arrives or the way that they can create more. They know that creating the money channel is the most important thing to activate the energy – everything just flows after that.

9. Wealthy people only work with high-performing wealth creation authorities if they are going to shift their inner game or expand their outer wealth. They know that getting to the next level means that they can only fly as high as the plane that’s flying them.

10. Wealthy souls manage their mindset daily – they know that what you focus on expands, and that how you do money is how you do everything.

11. Wealthy souls create residual wealth – they know the importance of making sure that not all of their cosmic eggs are in one basket. They understand the energetic of creating multiple gateways for money to come to them from the universe (our ultimate provider). I definitely recommend listening to this high-value audio training if you’re ready to open to this: http://bit.ly/1DOY12Z

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